go home, little girl. (aeon_flame) wrote in marcus_haiku,
go home, little girl.

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haiku from ten26

you were white power
then you found out you're a jew...
man, that fucking sucks!

also, this is transcribed from a bar napkin haiku courtesy of jude1595 last night!!! (this was before we had to carry him to the car...)

i don't care that much...
but i've hhsjcujxxk gog schmuse
duma (something even more incomprehensilble).

from moderate_sarah on the same night:

kevin doesn't know
but the rest of us sure do-
you are a big dolt.
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we really are fantastic.
we are...

we all deserve a parade!

dude, what happened to the ones from the...oh, nevermind, they're in sarah's car. sorry.


December 23 2003, 16:39:48 UTC 14 years ago

Haikuing is awesome. This is a random driveby.

Check for an epic haiku(or series of, rather) composed by myself and a friend in the upcoming Troubadour.

So is this an actual journal, or some kind if usergroup?


March 10 2007, 00:15:31 UTC 11 years ago

dude...noones posted in this thing or updated it in like...forever.