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marcus saujon haiku!

serving the public since August 25, 2003

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the most popular Marcus Saujon community on the internet is also the most pointless community on the internet!

this community is dedicated to praising the one and only Marcus Saujon via the ancient art of Japanese poetry, Haiku. Marcus has been in prison several times, was stabbed in the stomach by his then-girlfriend with a carving knife (he lost 6 inches of lower intestine, but still tried to have the charges against her dropped!), used to be a millionaire and a Nazi skinhead, is a raging Jewish alcoholic, looks like a fetus (due to his large noggin), and is a world-class dolt... but we love him. please restrict all Haiku and postings to the subject of Marcus Saujon. some non-Haiku prose is allowed, but this forum is mostly for the praise of Marcus Saujon in Haiku form.

excessive Conor Oberst chat will not be tolerated!

holy fucking sheep shit! look at how popular we are!